Lucas get creative with sausages

Sausage experts Lucas Ingredients are helping butchers to maximise their sausage sales in the run-up to British Sausage Week, which gets underway from 15 October.

The company, which is also sponsoring MTJ's Champion of Champion competition, have come up with a range of new names to push the humble sausage, particularly with Bonfire Night on the horizon.

A spokesman said: "Rather than introducing wholesale new products for the week and possibly giving customers too much choice, why not re-name some popular existing varieties to give them a new lease of life?

"This simple change could lead regular customers to try something new and more importantly, give a boost to the butcher's profits."

The Lucas team has come up with some great new names for current favourites with the Bonfire theme in mind. "How about Lucas Butchers Classic Tomato Sausages becoming "Red Hot Pokers", or Pork & Onion "Pork Crackers". Good old "Bangers" are perfect for Bonfire Night in themselves, but why not a "Banger Surprise" featuring Lucas Mexican Chilli Sausage Mix for beef or pork sausages?" a spokesman added.

The company also recommends renaming a favoured classic along the lines of "Classic Teatime Sausage" to give sales a boost in the autumn winter months.

It said: "Taking a product that's highly regarded by customers and giving it a new 'personality' for a very short promotional period can give it that extra spark of life. A little creativity can lead to a lot of extra profit."