MRC adds online flava

Manchester Rusk Company Ltd (MRC) is responding to the growth of internet shopping by launching a new online shop for its delicious Flava-it? brand of marinades and coaters.

Customers wanting to add fabulous flavours to meat and vegetables can now log on to www.flava-it.co.uk to buy a selection of mouth-watering marinades such as Chinese Style, Barbeque, Hot & Spicy, Garden Mint and Tikka Masala, as well as a tasty Peppersteak Coater.

To help customers make the most of the tasty marinades a host of fantastic recipe ideas such as Sizzling Barbecue Beef with a Smoky Tomato Relish, Chinese Chicken Pitta Pockets and Spicy Bean Salad with Hot & Spicy Potato Wedges, can be downloaded for free.

The site also carries product news and information on stockists of the Flava-it? range as well as details about the development of new products.

MRC is confident this exciting new initiative for its high quality Flava-it? products will further increase brand awareness both at home and overseas and will give the company the potential to attract more interest from internet shoppers and retailers.

MRC's marketing manager Julie Nyunt said: "It is vital we keep abreast of modern purchasing habits. More and more consumers are using the internet to buy goods and have them delivered to their homes, so we want to respond to that growing trend."

She added: "The online shop also gives us access to a wider customer base, potentially attracting more orders from overseas clients as well as from those within the UK. And of course it makes it a very convenient way for our customers to keep stocked up"