Cargill adds pork fat replacement

Cargill Texturizing Solutions has developed what the company boasts is "a unique solution" for the halal meat products market. Adrogel GR is a blend made from restructured vegetable fat that offers a viable alternative for manufacturers to replace the pork fat used in many meat products as a texturising agent.

With more than 1.5 billion Muslims worldwide*, Cargill says Adrogel GR allows food manufacturers to produce meat products that meet halal requirements, while still benefiting from the functional qualities associated with pork fat. The company also states that Adrogel GR will provide cost savings for manufacturers and health benefits for the end-user. A spokesperson for the company commented: "Being vegetable-derived, it has a lower fat content than pork."

Adrogel GR can be prepared with cold water and vegetable oil to produce a restructured vegetable fat. It has a consistency close to that of back pork fat, and can be cut into small pieces for use in meat such as turkey and poultry sausages.

*Source: www.islamicpopulation.com