Wogan praises butcher's pie live on air

Wilson's of Crossgate scored a marvellous publicity coup today when Terry Wogan ate one of their award-winning pork pies live on his BBC Radio 2 breakfast show.

John Green of Wilson's sent a dozen pies from the shop in Leeds to London after they won the title of Best Pork Pie in the Pork Pie Appreciation Society's annual competition.

A customer made the suggestion after hearing Wogan's irreverent ramblings on the show, in which he reads out listeners' letters and discusses the absurdities of life.

The plan went well and Wogan opened the show by telling his listeners that only a real man eats pork pies at 7am.

John said he is delighted, adding: "It is fantastic. We sent down a dozen because he's a big bloke, Terry, and you don't want him going without."

John was especially pleased that Wogan shunned mustard and said he liked to eat the pies 'naked': "A good pie doesn't need sauce," said John.

"As far as pork pies are concerned Yorkshire is the centre of the universe," said John who added he had already received phone calls from other Yorkshire butchers congratulating him.