Gongs for innovation

Innovations in meat processing and packaging were recognised at the recent European FoodTech Awards in Cologne, Germany.

World Pac, based in Lichtenstein, took gold awards for its taste-impregnated food casing technology, while German company Gebruder Abraham Schinken won a silver for its innovation which eliminates listeria monocytogenes from packaged ham.

World Pac's tecnology allows flavours to be transferred to a sausage or other food wrapped in its casings, which have an outer PE/PA/PE laminated film to form a wrapping which provides a barrier against oxygen and steam.

On the inside, an absorbent layer is provided which is optionally impregnated with flavours and colours which are transferred to the food inside during the cooking and scalding process.

Gebruder Abraham Schinken said its process to destroy listeria monocytogenes also ensured no recontamination.