Yes, its true. Now you can get farmed croc meat in Britain

CROCODILES ARE being farmed in Britain for the first time and Andy Johnson of Old Hurst in Cambridgeshire is the brave farmer taking up the challenge.

A breeding programme has been set up after Johnson imported one male and seven female Nile crocodiles from a farm in Africa.

Johnson said he expected it would be three years before the operation produced any low-fat, low-cholesterol, red meat. The crocs are fed with old laying hens which would otherwise be incinerated.

According to a newspaper report, the optimum age for butchering a croc is six years, after which the meat becomes tougher and the growth rate slower. The eight scaly creatures join 60,000 quails, 200 chickens, 100 head of cattle and 50 pigs among other animals at Johnsons' farm, where he hopes to sell the meat to local restaurants.