Scientists grow meat in a lab

SCIENTISTS IN the US are reported to have found a way to "grow" meat in a laboratory.

Researchers at the University of Maryland claim it is possible to produce large quantities of meat in a lab, all of which would be fit for human consumption, the American Chronicle reported. The meat would be created by extracting muscle cells from animals which could then be multiplied in the lab to create muscle tissue.

According to the report, the meat could be grown in sheets and then sliced off for sale. The scientists say the technology already exists to create meat for use as beefburgers, sausages, nuggets or spam. More specific cuts, such as steak, will take more time, but the scientists claim the process would be as natural as wine-making.

The news is being celebrated by animal campaigners who consider the process capable of producing vegan-friendly meat and are urging the US government to support it.