Recovery in UK meat industry is down to top 22 companies - study

Plimsoll study shows top 22 of the UK's largest companies blazing a trail as sales soar.

The recovery of the UK meat industry has been attributed to just 22 of the UK's largest 100 companies, according to a new study by industry analysts Plimsoll Publishing.

The report reveals that these 22 companies have established a strong hold on the market, with sales increasing by 59%, profits up by 135% and levels of staffing increasing by 14%.

David Pattison, senior analyst, said: "These 22 companies are setting themselves apart from the other major players, who look tired by comparison. You don't pull in financial results like this, over such a length of time, by accident. They are telling us something about the direction of the market, a sort of elite resurgence."

Pattison said business leaders knew that before planning for the future they needed to understand their starting position. "We have established exactly where these companies are now and even provided a best plan for moving each of them forwards based on their current financial performance," Pattison said.

The full 360 paged publication has analysed each of the UK's largest 100 companies, based on turnover, over their last four years of financial results.

It has assessed and compared their fundamental financial performances and presented the findings in an easy to read format.