Market trends

Latest market trends.


The GB DAPP (euro spec) averaged 108.31p per kg dw in week ended 5 August. The EU pig meat reference price rose marginally in week ended 30 July, to the equivalent of 108.96p per kg dw. An increase of over 3% was recorded in the Polish price, to the equivalent of 97.54p per kg dw. Despite the average retail price rising slightly between June and July, the average pig producer price rose by 3%, to 107.6p per kg. This meant the actual percentage spread tightened to 64%.


The overall price of prime cattle sold at GB auction markets was 107.59p per kg lw.

The grade 1 cull cow price fell by just over 5p to average 72.81p per kg lw. Declines in the deadweight cattle prices are still evident with the R4L steer price falling by nearly 5p to 204.9p per kg dw. In week ended 30 July, the German price increased by nearly 2% week-on-week to the equivalent of 200.38p/kg dw. The average producer price for beef fell marginally month-on-month to average 206.7p per kg. The average retail price rose in July which meant the actual percentage price spread increased to 52.2%.


In the same week, the overall SQQ price of new season lambs sold at GB auction markets rose by just over 2p to average 108.02p per kg lw. Producers have faced difficulty in finishing their lambs due to tight feed supplies. As a result, standard lamb throughputs fell sharply by nearly 20% week-on-week with the prices increasing by just over 2p.

The provisional GB deadweight SQQ price fell sharply by 13p to average 240.4p per kg dw. The R3L price fell by a further 10p to average 242.8p per kg dw. The EU reference price for heavy lambs fell by just over 2%, to average the equivalent of 281.47p per kg dw, in week ended 30 July.