Browns hit with cooked meats range

Browns Food Group has scored a hit in Sainsbury's with the launch of its innovative range of sliced, cooked meats.

The retailer is now stocking the manufacturer's meats - beef, pork and ham - under the Tarbert Fyne Foods brand in its Scottish stores.

All the meat is exclusively sourced in Scotland and David Walker, from Browns Food Group, said: "It's unique in that context, there isn't another range of

Scottish sliced, cooked meats."

The company is also working on the concept of adding sauce sachets, including things such as Aaron mustard or apple sauce, all of which will add to the

provenance of the product, Walker added.

The Tarbert packs have also been upgraded to include a more distinctive, higher quality label and a semi-translucent parchment base to enhance the premium feel of the product.