Sainsbury's says yay to Mey

North Highland Products is celebrating after landing a new deal with Sainsbury's.

In a breakthrough for North Highland Products, a new introduction to the Sainsbury's popular Taste the Difference range - meatballs made from Mey Selections beef in an authentic tomato and smoky bacon sauce with added Parmigiano Reggiano cheese - is now being made available in over 200 of the company's stores.

For the first time, a Mey Selections product is now available in Sainsbury's Scottish stores, which include Aberdeen, Drumchapel, East Kilbride and Edinburgh.

The meatballs, using non-prime cuts of Mey Selections beef, have been successfully developed by Dunbia, the Mey Selections meat processor.

They come 12 to a pack, and are sold in a ready-to cook container with the sauce and cheese in separate sachets.

Danny Miller, chairman of North Highlands Products, which produces Mey Selections products, said the clear identification of Mey Selections beef on the packet ensured the brand would now be recognised on a supermarket own-label product.

"To the best of our knowledge, this is one of the few occasions when a major retailer has identified the source of a key ingredient on its own-label packaging," he said. "What's more, the Mey Selections meatballs taste delicious!"

"Priced at £3.49 per pack, the meatballs take the brand to a very large consumer audience and I am very pleased to see we are now in Sainsbury's Scottish stores. I am confident our prime cuts will also be North of the Border before too long."

He added that North Highland Products would continue to seek to develop new dishes using non-prime cuts of meat. Other products, extending the brand's range into new food areas, are also in the pipeline.