Cranswick plc has today (2 November) announced its acquisition of Milton Keynes based Delico Ltd, with payment reported to be in the form of cash and shares.

The Delico 'state-of-the-art' facility, almost 100,000 sq ft, produces pre-packed cooked meats predominantly for the major retailers and high street outlets. It is Cranswick's intention to continue to use the 'Delico' brand, as well as produce 'own label' products from the Milton Keynes facility.

Cranswick's cooked meat division, trading as Cranswick Convenience Foods, operates from factories in, Barnsley, Elland, Hull and Deeside, North Wales. The company says the Delico business will be integrated into Cranswick Convenience Foods and bring a much needed additional capacity to the division, giving Cranswick the opportunity to develop its sliced cooked meat ranges and further expand its customer base in the future.

Cranswick Food's core business activities include: the processing and packing of fresh pork products, gourmet sausages, dry cured British bacon, sandwiches and the importing and packing of charcuterie products and specialist Continental foods.

Bernard Hoggarth, Cranswick plc chief executive (Food) Cranswick plc, said: "Cranswick's acquisition of Perkins Chilled Foods in January 2005, was a strategic move to develop sales in the area of pre-packed cooked meats. At the time Cranswick was mainly involved in producing cooked Deli products where sales were flat, and losing to the retail packed equivalents.

"We see the addition of Delico further enhancing the position of Cranswick Convenience Foods, making us the first choice for quality cooked meats by our customers. This will be in the knowledge that they will be produced in some of the best invested and efficient factories in the UK."