market trends

Market Trends for week ending 25 November.


Domestic pig market values saw only a minuscule fall in the DAPP to 107.37p/kg. Between January and September, the UK exported almost 4% more pork than in 2005. Over 90% remains within the EU's 25 member countries and exports to this region increased by 6%. Imports of pork were also up by 4% in the nine-month period. Supplies from Denmark rose by 18%, despite lower production, and imports of sausages rose by 23%, with the Netherlands supplying nearly a third more.


Despite a rise in throughputs, the R4L heifer price rose by just 1p to 214.9p/kg dw. Throughputs into the older cattle disposal scheme were also the highest so far, at 5,950 head. The OCDS rate for December is £242.73/head. UK imports of fresh and frozen beef totalled 171,000t from January to September, with an 18% fall in UK imports from third countries. Seven per cent more beef was imported from the Irish Republic, where production has been higher

this year.

Some 22,000t of beef was exported in the nine months. The easing of cull cow prices means UK cow beef is now competitively priced on EU markets.


The SQQ rose by more than 1p (week ending 25 November) to 235.6p/kg dw, driven by a 6p increase in the average price of standard lambs, most likely as a result of a sharp drop in throughputs. UK sheep meat imports increased by almost 7% year-on-year, to 91,000t over the January to September period. Imports from New Zealand rose by more than 10%, while supplies from Australia fell by 7%, as worsening drought conditions took their toll. UK sheep meat exports rose by over 10% in the nine months to 62,500t, with shipments to France up by 6%.