New absorbent meat pad enhances shelf life

A new absorbent pad prevents meat discolouration while retaining moisture in packaging, its manufacturer claims.

Dri-Fresh Resolve absorbent meat pads from Telford-based manufacturer and packaging solutions company Sirane, use a highly developed surface that makes packaged products more appealing to customers over the shelf life of the product, a news report said.

The report said that in order to make packaged meat more appealing to consumers, absorbent pads were added to soak up leaking blood. However, it added these could become dry, which in turn dried the meat leading to discolouration.

Sirane claimes to have solved the problem with its Dri-Fresh Resolve which contains a breathable surface, allowing oxygen to interact with the base of the meat, which tends to go brown if deprived of air contact, the report said.

In the report the company claimed that the pad controlled the surface moisture of the meat which ensured the underneath looked as good as the top.

Pads were manufactured without adhesives or bonding materials, and as such were completely food safe, the report said, adding that no loss of absorbency occurred during the packaging life span and the pads absorbent layers did not delaminate.

The report said that pads were available in a range of colours, absorption levels, shapes and sizes to suit all applications and all could be composted, which reduced the environmental packaging waste burden on landfill.

Dri-Fresh Resolve was exhibited by Sirane at the Convenience Retailing Show NEC Birmingham and Pro2Pac 2007 London, this month.

Sirane manufactures a range of packaging and other products including specialised absorbents, bio-degradable, microwaveable and ovenable materials and protective materials for a number of food and other applications.