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Every day we hear more about the enormous challenges the meat industry is facing and will need to face in the coming years. One of the key priorities for us all must be to ensure the industry recruits and trains staff who will be able to develop into world-class managers and help individual companies, so that the entire industry can enjoy a competitive and profitable future. Under the leadership of the Red Meat Industry Forum, 2007 saw the first running of the young leaders development programme. This executive programme for young managers in the meat industry still has a few months to run, but the indications and feedback so far all indicate that the course has been very successful. The course is a combination of both teaching and practical projects. Using what is learnt in the classroom, the participants are required to carry out specific practical projects after returning to their businesses and therefore individual and business benefits can be seen quickly. This combination of classroom-based teaching and business projects also ensures that the time spent away from employers is kept to a minimum. Any industry that seeks to have a profitable future can only deliver this with talented and well-trained people and no one is more important than the industry's managers of tomorrow. With the winding up of the Red Meat Industry Forum at the end of March, I am therefore very keen to see the entire meat industry get behind the young leaders' course to ensure we have a tool which can equip our young managers for the challenging positions that the future holds for our industry. Stuart Roberts Director British Meat Processors Association