NI agri-industry launch recipe book

Five of Northern Ireland's agricultural organisations have come together, for the first time, to produce a recipe book "Northern Ireland Good Food is in our nature".

The book is a joint initiative between the Livestock and Meat Commission, the Dairy Council for Northern Ireland, Northern Ireland Seafood, The Ulster Pork and Bacon Forum and the Royal Ulster Agricultural Society. It sets out to encourage aspiring teenage cooks, time pressed mothers and even traditional northern man to get into the kitchen.

Funded by the Northern Ireland regional food programme the book is part of a wider Northern Ireland regional drive to promote local produce.

Spokesperson for the group, Naomi Waite Head of Marketing at LMC said: "This is the first cross sectoral recipe book for Northern Ireland and one we believe will convince consumers to buy more local produce. Agri-food productions plays a central role in the Northern Ireland private sector economy, representing 20% of our turnover. We have a lot to be proud of in terms of local produce - something we should be promoting more. We hope this recipe book goes some way to showcasing our excellent produce in tasty yet easy recipes. We are in pursuit of more consumer loyalty to Northern Ireland produce. The book should be looked upon as a valuable reference and a source of inspiration".

The recipe book also provides important information on the Northern Ireland agri-food sector and what makes it so special - from the quality of production standards to traceability and assurances.

The book features everything from classic comfort foods, such as soul-soothing pork sausages with colcannon mash and onion gravy and macaroni cheese to bolder-tasting, ethnic foods, such as stir fried beef and spicy prawn salad. The recipes are written in a clear, friendly, step-by-step style; with attractive photography providing inspiration and confidence that every dish will be a success.

Copies of the recipe book will be available at this years Balmoral show.