Leaflet campaign for Northern Ireland

The Livestock and Meat Commission (LMC) for Northern Ireland has produced a series of new nutrition leaflets to raise awareness of the essential nutrients found in beef and lamb.

The five leaflet marketing campaign reminds consumers that beef and lamb are important sources of iron, zinc, B vitamins, protein and omega 3 all proven to have positive health benefits when eaten as part of a balanced diet.

The leaflets will be distributed though health visitors in Northern Ireland, at the point of contact when most consumers are enquiring about their health and diet.

Dr Claire McGartland, LMC nutritionist, said: "LMC wants to motivate people into thinking about the health benefits associated with eating beef and lamb as part of a balanced diet.

"When visiting a health professional such as a doctor or dietician it is useful to have some simple messages within an attractive leaflet available for consumers to take home with them. These leaflets help consumers incorporate beef and lamb dishes into their everyday cooking and eating habits."

One in three women and one in five children under four years old are iron deficient in the UK and beef and lamb are rich sources of iron that are easily absorbed by the body. 90 per cent of young adults do not consume enough iron.

McGartland added: "The haem iron found in beef and lamb is easily absorbed by the body especially when eaten with foods rich in vitamin C such as fruit and vegetables. It is therefore easy for consumers to up their intake of iron by making some small changes to their diet."

The leaflets also contain a tasty beef or lamb recipe to try at home as well as information on what the nutrients do for the body and the recommended daily intake.

These leaflets tie in with the LMC's new consumer website www.lovebeefandlamb.com which contains all the latest nutritional news as well as beef and lamb cooking and preparation tips, information to help consumers select the right cut of meat as well as red meat safety and hygiene.