Brazilian beef back on menu

Brazilian beef is back on the menu for European consumers, with the lifting this week of EU import restrictions.

"This is a victory for the consumer and commonsense over the protectionist campaigns of some EU farming groups," said Brazilian Beef Information Service director Rob Metcalfe.

Up to 106 Brazilian farms have now received immediate approval to export beef to the EU, with more expected to be announced soon.

EU officials are currently auditing the farm inspection process in Brazil.

Brazil has been unable to export beef to the EU - one of its largest markets - for the past 27 days.

"This had been hailed as a major victory by Irish, Scots and Welsh farmers' leaders, who spouted all sorts of alarmist nonsense about the 'danger' that Brazilian beef may pose," said Metcalfe.

"In fact, the issue was about traceability on the farm in Brazil. As today's decision demonstrates, Brazil's beef producers are clearly able to meet EU standards. Many more will undoubtedly follow."