Tesco looks to local

Tesco is aiming to ramp up its sale of local foods, including meats, to £400m this year, with plans to grow that to £1bn by 2011.

At an event last week in London, the retail chain demonstrated the extent of its range of local products, with meat forming a central part of that offer.

"We've spent a lot of time on developing the local offer," said Peter Broadbent, category meat specialist. "We've got Scottish Aberdeen Angus beef in Scotland and West Country meat in the south west.

"We want to get the message across that we're very serious about local sourcing and local meat."

The chain is underlining its pledge to stock more local lines than any other retailer. To support this, Tesco has spent the past year opening a number of local buying office across England, in Plymouth, Peterborough, Horsham, York and Leicester, alongside its offices in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

As a result, it said, it had grown its local lines by a further 1,000 products, taking it up to 3,000 lines.