Sainsbury's goes old school on meat cuts

Sainsbury's is hoping to encourage consumers to rediscover some old classics on its meat counters.



The chain is launching a new range of "old favourites" today, and will be supporting the launch with a recipe leaflet launched into stores on Friday.


Featuring in the range will be:

Rolled breast of lamb joint

Boneless lamb shoulder steaks

Boneless shin of beef

Pot roast beef

Boiling beef on the bone

Rolled shoulder of pork

Chunky pork ribs


All of the products will be British-sourced, and the pork is from outdoor-reared animals.


Russel Crowe, meat and fish counter buyer, said: "These products are in addition to the current range of offal, oxtail, braising steak, brisket and stewing lamb. They are all very tasty cuts, ideal for slow cooking and great value for money.