Bacon fat fuels TMI

Waste bacon fat produced by a company in Northampton is being used to create bio-diesel for use as an alternative fuel in continental Europe.

TMI Foods produces 10 million rashers of cooked bacon a week at its factory on Northampton's Lodge Farm Estate. The fat lost during the bacon cooking process is collected, separated, filtered and further processed for use as fuel.

Said TMI's managing director David Abbott: "We invested in a state-of-the-art effluent treatment plant from Civil and Environmental five years ago, because the waste water we produce has a high fat content.

"Apart from the cost reduction benefits on waste, the overall environmental benefit has been considerable."

Bacon fat has a combustible nature, making it an ideal component in modern bio-fuels. Bio-diesel is seen as an environmentally safe and low polluting renewable fuel used in most diesel internal combustion and turbine engines.