40 jobs go as DBMC restructures operation

Danish meat bosses have axed 40 jobs as part of a restructuring process. A strategic review of Danske Slagterier (known as the Danish Bacon & Meat Council in the UK) will see 40 of the organisation's 405 staff made redundant.

The job losses follow a focus on increasing productivity and delivering even better services to members in an ever more competitive market, the company claimed.

The structure of the organisation will also change with a number of elected committees being dissolved and the phasing out of some current activities.

With member companies facing fierce competition in global markets, the board of Danske Slagterier (DS) believe it is critical for the organisation to focus even more on generating value for members.

Christina Hvid, managing director of DS, said: "We are very sorry to have to make employees redundant. It is not a decision that we have taken lightly, but we felt it was necessary for the future health and development, not only of our organisation, but of the industry as a whole.

"Our member companies are facing keen competition in global markets and are under pressure from increasing exports of pigs to Germany and the prospect of reduced slaughterings at home.

"In this environment, we need to make sure that the knowledge DBMC generates and the research activities we implement can be directly applied by our members and that we can ensure a good operating framework for the industry."

DS will focus on three main areas of activity including: research and development, designed to help primary producers and member companies maintain and improve their competitiveness against other major meat producing countries; political representation, nationally and internationally, in order to ensure a positive market environment and access to relevant markets for the industry; animal health and food safety, guaranteeing high veterinary standards in primary production and member companies, in order to maintain Denmark's internationally recognised levels of food safety.

The new strategy is also designed to improve co-ordination and identify new opportunities for collaboration with other agricultural and external organisations.

"I believe that this strategy will make Danske Slagterier a stronger organisation. But I am also sorry that we have to say goodbye to a number of good employees who have worked hard for the organisation for many years," Hvid said