The pig industry is looking at its environmental credentials, in line with wider concern in society about 'green' issues.

To make sure the industry comes together and pulls in the same direction, the British Pig Executive (BPEX) is joining forces with a range of other organisations to create an environmental strategy.

The main aims are to co-ordinate pig industry and government activity; identify areas of co-operation and collaboration between industry, government and agencies; and develop a common vision to achieve a sustainable environment and production industry.

BPEX Chief Executive Mick Sloyan said: "We will be holding an initial stakeholder meeting to work up a discussion document with basic elements of the strategy.

"We are working with Defra, the NPA, NFU and the Environment Agency on this because we have common goals in seeing a sustainable environment. One of the elements will be the appointment of a consultant to put the flesh on the bones of the discussion document and help turn it into a finished product."

Consultants interested in the work should get in touch with Nigel Penlington - nigel_penlington@mlc.org.uk by 11 December.