Boffins find formula to butty with bite

The Danish Bacon and Meat Council (DBMC) is celebrating after a piece of research into the ultimate bacon butty hit news bulletins nationwide.

Scientists at Leeds University were commissioned to test more than 700 variations of bacon sandwich, varying cooking method, type of oil, cut of bacon and type of bread. They discovered crunchiness and crispiness are what makes bacon sandwiches most delicious and came up with a scientific formula for the perfect bacon buttie. It is: N=C+{fb(cm).fb(tc)}+fb(Ts)+

fc.ta. Roughly translated, it calculates how to make a sandwich that balances the force in Newtons required to crunch through the cooked bacon with factors such as the temperature of the sandwich and the cooking time.

According to the scientists, the ultimate bacon sandwich requires back bacon to be grilled under a pre-heated grill for seven minutes at 240°C. The bacon should be served on 1-2cm thick slices of white farmhouse bread, with sauce added to taste.

The research was commissioned by DBMC as part of its 2007 promotional campaign, which is all about bacon sandwiches. This includes an integrated print, broadcast and internet consumer advertising campaign, which encourages shoppers to look for the Danish 'sizzle' when selecting. bacon buttie."