Consumers indicate their willingness to buy British

MORE THAN 80% of shoppers have said they would buy English beef and lamb carrying the EBLEX Quality Standard mark, just one year after its consumer launch.

The past year has also seen the start of price segmentation within the English beef market, with the average retail price of English beef 79p/kg higher than the average retail price for imported beef for the 12 months to March 2006.

EBLEX chairman, John Cross, called it "encouraging news for the industry," coming as it does on the back of more stable prices for farmers and increasing beef and lamb consumption. "After just over a year of QSM in the consumer market, it is clear the EBLEX strategy of seeking to differentiate QSM product is starting to take effect," Cross said. Media monitoring during the past 12 months has shown the QSM promotional campaign, featuring Beefy and Lamby, has reached 97.5% of its target consumer audience.