Farmers sign up to HCC demo programme

Four new farms have joined HCC's network of Beef and Sheep Demonstration Farms in Wales as a part of the Farming Connect Beef & Sheep Development Programme.

The demonstration farms are an excellent route for the transfer of technology to the farming industry. These farms - Blaenglowon Fawr,Talgarreg; Lower End Town Farm, Llambedr Efelffre, Arberth; Bryn Celynog Farm, Cwm Prysor, Trawsfynydd; and Island Farm, Dinas, near

Trefdraeth, Pembrokeshire - will focus on looking to the future, post single farm payment, with emphasis on improving enterprise efficiency, animal health and genetic


Blaenglowon Fawr is farmed by John Davies and his family. A total of 330a is farmed, most of which is down to grass, with some rape and swedes grown. The key focus on this farm will be on improving grassland management, and genetic improvement of the sheep flock.

Lower End Town Farm, is a 420a grassland farm, run by Tom Coney and his family. Their main objectives are to improve the health status of their flock and herd and to use techniques such as benchmarking to analyse the performance of their farm business.

Bryn Celynog is a 700a hill farm rising from 750ft above sea level (a.s.l) to nearly 1400ft a.s.l. Farmer Dylan Huws is very keen to use performance recording and health planning. Island Farm, will look to improve the output from its sheep flock after farmer Neil Perkins returns from a scholarship trip to New Zealand.