Men in kilts push Scottish beef sales

Scottish Asda stores have seen a leap in sales of ribeye steaks after teams of kilted men took to the aisles and handed out samples of meat.

Quality Meat Scotland (QMS) ran the promotion in conjunction with the multiple retailer, offering customers in 26 stores samples of Scotch Beef and Specially Selected Pork, resulting in a near 15% increase in sales of Scotch Beef ribeye steaks alone.

More than 6,000 samples of ribeye steak and more than 4,000 samples of pork escalopes were distributed to Asda shoppers during the campaign.

As well as sampling the quality of the produce, shoppers were also given simple recipe ideas to highlight the versatility and value of both meats.

Laurent Vernet, head of marketing for QMS, said: "Taking Scotch Beef and Specially Selected Pork direct to consumers is a great way of showing the products' quality, value and versatility.

"Strong sales growth in shops where the tasting took place shows the strength of our brand, and the enthusiasm of customers for Scotch produce."

The marketing push has proven a great success, with sales growth at Scottish stores far outperforming the rest of the chain, QMS reported.

Jim Viggars from Asda said: "Our collaborative approach has seen our sales and customer numbers increase significantly with year-on-year growth out-performing our chain average.

"Introducing exclusive new brands based on Scotch Beef such as Braveheart Beef, has helped capture new customers, grow our market share and customer loyalty and improve perception of our quality.

"It's all great news delivered by a truly joined up approach."