Finding away around gassy cows

Scientists try a range of options in a bid to cut methane production in the field

Finding a solution to tackle the problem of flatulant cows in a bid to create a greener envrionment has got scientists working hard on ways to cut the amounts of methane gas cattle produce. In a recent report by the BBC it states that cows are the UK's biggest source of methane, with more than 2m cows in the UK, each producing as much as 500 lts of methane per day.

Scientists are trying out innoculations, microbes and even extracts of garlic in labs and farms, to try and reduce the amount of methane produced.

In the BBC report professorDavid Breezer, an expert on nutrition with feed producer Richard Keenan and Co said, the problem is that cattle feed is not chewy enough. He added part of the solution was to cut their silage feed to make it longer or chewier and then instead of perhaps 35 lts of methane per litre of milk, it could be as low as 25 or 20 lts.