£10k there for the taking, HCC tells farmers

Farmers in Wales could make up to an extra £10,000 a year by working with HCC to make changes in three key areas on their farms, according to industry development manager Prys Morgan.

Morgan highlighted performance recorded bulls, crossbreds and high index rams, as areas where gains could be made if a few important measures were introduced. He added: "HCC helps farmers in any way possible and advises on the management changes necessary to meet these targets in a bid to ease forward the introduction of wider profitability.

Looking at actual costings involved Morgan showed how the three different key areas could bring in the extra money: "Under the Welsh Beef Quality Improvement Scheme there is financial assistance available for bull purchase of up to £2,500," he said.

Using crossbred ewes, Morgan said the extra output per ewe could amount to £7.39 from the heavier weight produced.