Red meat consumption grows in Wales

Red meat sales are soaring in Wales and Lamb is proving increasingly popular, up by 17% compared to last year Meat Promotion Wales (HCC) has revealed.

The rise in the whole of Great Britain is one %, the HCC report states. The value of lamb purchased in Wales has risen by 40% over the last two years. In Great Britain as a whole the figure was 3%.

Almost half of all lamb purchased in Wales over the 52 weeks to 5 November was in the form of roasting joints, and Welsh consumers have spent 25% more on these cuts over the period.

Domestic expenditure and volumes of all red meats in Wales rose by around 8% in the 52 weeks ending 5 November, compared with a rise of 1% for Great Britain.

In Wales, the increased expenditure has come largely from more households purchasing red meats, with consumers making more frequent trips to purchase and buying more meat per trip. In contrast, the record for Great Britain has remained largely static with consumers making fewer trips to purchase meat.

Spending on beef rose by more than 7% compared to a rise of just under 2% for Great Britain, despite the average price rise in Wales being around double that for the whole of GB.

HCC chief executive, Gwyn Howells, said: "These figures a really heartening and demonstrate that HCC's ever-widening marketing and promotion activities are on the right lines.

"Part of HCC's brief is to brand, differentiate and add value and the trends reveal we are moving positively in the right direction for our goals of encouraging stable and improving prices for our quality products," he added.