TV AD Promotes Minced Beef
Published:  18 January, 2007

The Livestock and Meat Commission (LMC) has launched a new TV advert to promote awareness of Northern Ireland Farm Quality Assured (FQA) beef mince by informing consumers of the quality and traceability systems that underpin production in Northern Ir


The new Northern Ireland FQA commercial was launched at the beginning of January and is the second LMC advertisement which extols Northern Ireland beef's high standards of assurance.

Typically beef mince has been produced from forequarters of steers and heifers but since 2006 mince production has been supplemented with additional cow beef coming back onto the market, making the timing of this commercial all the more relevant.

The commercial is designed to provide assurances to consumers about the quality of the farm on which their beef has been produced.

Naomi Waite, head of marketing at LMC, said: "Part of the strength of this advertisement is its simplicity. We have a clear message for consumers and that is to look for the FQAS logo when making beef purchases - this way they can be assured of the safety and traceability of the product."

The TV campaign will be supported by literature and an outdoor poster campaign plus posters across butcher shops. Instore sampling in the major retailers in Northern Ireland will also take the product right to the consumer at the point of purchase.

Long term, the campaign will be further strengthened by cookery demonstrations in schools and the community ensuring consumers are made aware that FQA beef mince is a safe, traceable and nutritious food choice and an integral part of a balanced diet.

This campaign is funded 50% by LMC levy and 50% by EU funding secured by the LMC.