Beefy and Lamby Back on the Box

A new set of TV and press advertisments set for launch next week kick start the next phase of the English Beef and Lamb Executive (EBLEX) national campaign focusing on the quality credentials behind the Quality Standard Mark.

The animated characters, 'Beefy' and 'Lamby' will appear in the new television advertisement which will air for four weeks from 15 February, supported by online advertising and press ads running in national newspapers and women's magazines.

Eblex brand manager, Jane Ritchie Smith, said: "The new advertising is designed to do more than just create awareness for the Quality Standard Mark. The new TV commercial is humorous, but it also clearly communicates the fact that it's only by looking for the Quality Standard Mark when buying beef and lamb that you can guarantee you are getting a genuine, Quality Standard product."

Ritchie-Smith added: "Research shows that the vast majority of consumers love the Beefy and Lamby characters. In fact we've seen awareness figures which are way above average - 71% and 68% - for two previous campaigns, compared with an average of 47% for other advertisers.

"Not only is awareness of the advertising strong, but we're also seeing high levels of recognition for the Quality Standard Mark itself, with 58% of respondents claiming to recognise the Mark in a recent survey - and 76% stating that they had seen it within the last month,"she said.

The research also revealed that 65% of shoppers felt that the Mark was either extremely or quite important to their purchase, Ritchie-Smith added.