Growth in Brazilian animal feed additive market

The animal feed additive market in Brazil is booming, according to a new report, which says it has been boosted by Brazil's growing position as one of the most important meat exporters worldwide.

Analysis from Frost and Sullivan, a global growth consulting company, shows the Brazilian animal feed additive market earned revenues of $277.8m in 2005 and this is estimated to reach $383.1m in 2012.

Victoria Verdier, Frost and Sullivan research analyst, said: "As demand for feed additives is related to animal feed production, the steady demand for poultry and swine is expected to drive the growth of the animal feed industry and consequently, the additives market in Brazil from 2006 to 2012.

"The animal feed industry expects to increase its production to 61m t, which implies a growth of 30% in four years," she added.

The research stated that in the feed additives market, amino acids were the largest in terms of both volume and revenues, but the spotlight was increasingly shifting to enzymes. Enzymes offered an excellent alternative to antibiotics such as growth promoters which were banned in the EU, the report stated.

"Enzymes help to reduce the cost of feed and aid in the digestibility of feed, especially those with high fibre content, thus increasing the output of energy per metric ton of feed," said Verdier.

"This reduces the feed conversion rate into meat and increased feed efficiency, allowing an animal to grow to full efficiency with less feed."