Welsh beef boosted by ad campaign

A six-week long national newspaper advertising campaign to boost the Welsh Beef brand is being launched this week by Hybu Cig Cymru-Meat Promotion Wales (HCC).

A HCC spokeswoman said: "New eye-catching adverts and inserts have been especially designed to appeal to a wide consumer audience and they will feature in the colour magazines of leading national newspapers, as well as specific Welsh newspapers and magazines over the coming few weeks."

As part of the campaign, Welsh Beef adverts will also be featured in the forthcoming Wales v England rugby match at the Millennium Stadium, Cardiff on Saturday.

Selected national and regional titles will all feature inserts under the heading "Welsh Beef - made in Wales" with handy tips and pointers to help the consumer prepare the meat.

The leaflet also outlines the health benefits of eating red meat. Full page and half page adverts will feature a variety of Welsh Beef cuts and outline the virtues of Welsh Beef and its Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status.

Gwyn Howells, HCC's Chief Executive said: "The adverts have been designed to appeal to our target audience of ABC1 consumers - those who are regular customers and enjoy the quality and taste of Welsh Beef. We want to attract them to spend more on Welsh Beef.

He said it was the first time that HCC had undertaken a specific Welsh Beef print media advertising campaign, adding that the HCC was confident that it would yield positive results.