Meat company focuses on mail order

A Scottish meat production company has substantially increased its profits after it changed the focus of its sales following the BSE beef crisis.

Donald Russell of Inverurie was badly hit when beef exports were banned in 1996 due to BSE.

However, the company then changed to selling high quality produce via mail order and the internet.

Now latest sales figures released, for the year to September 30, show turnover up 50% and profits also rising very substantially.

Management at the company say the success is due to an expanding production facility at the plant, substantially increased investment in marketing and strict control being maintained over costs.

Previously the company had focused on the wholesale and export markets. This has now altered with the emphasis on retail, via the internet and mail order, where profit margins are higher.

A company spokesman said in a statement: "Events influencing the key performance indicators are the expansion of the Inverurie production site and the successful marketing campaigns carried out during the year.

"The successful expansion of the Inverurie production site represents a significant investment both financially and in management resources providing additional capacity and great efficiencies for the future development of the company."