Northern Ireland pushes beef truths

A new newspaper promotional campaign to boost Northern Ireland Farm Quality Assured Beef has been launched by the Livestock & Meat Commission (LMC).

The new inserts, The Truth About Beef, have been especially designed to appeal to a wide

consumer audience and will feature in Northern Ireland's leading newspapers, as well as doctors' surgeries.

A spokeswoman for the LMC said: "As in the recent television and outdoor campaigns, the inserts prompt Northern Ireland consumers to look for the trustworthy FQAS logo when purchasing beef and to also alert consumers to the fact that Northern Ireland Farm Quality Assured beef is healthy, wholesome and natural."

The full-colour insert outlines the health benefits of eating Northern Ireland Farm Quality Assured (NIFQAS) beef as well as providing two tasty recipes for consumers to try. "Beef is an excellent source of essential nutrients. It's lower in fat than ever before and it's quick and easy to cook. And of course, when you choose NIFQAS beef, you're assured of the highest European standards," the spokeswoman said.

Naomi Waite, head of marketing at LMC said: "Agri-food production plays a central role in the Northern Irish economy, representing 20% of turnover. Northern Ireland has a lot to offer in terms of food and this needs to be communicated. There are often misconceptions about the benefits of beef in the diet and this campaign tackles these misconceptions head-on."

Meanwhile, tracking results from the LMC's winter TV advertising campaign show that after the commercial aired, 92% of those who had seen the television ad now believe it is important to purchase NIFQAS beef and 85% recognise the NIFQAS logo.