Public transport, radio and magazines targeted

During 2006 Meat and Wool New Zealand will embark on a three year 'limited' advertising campaign marketing New Zealand Lamb in Germany.

Geographically it will be targeting the areas of Germany where New Zealand Lamb consumption is already relatively well established including Hamburg, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Stuttgart and Munich. Demographically, Meat and Wool New Zealand's target audience consists of consumers between the ages of 24 to 45 who are financially secure. The promotion willl also target hobby cooks and meat customers at the point of sale.

The majority of the promotional activities will take place from March to August matching the seasonal peak in the supply of New Zealand Lamb. However NZ Lamb's presence in the market will be expanded through some specific activities taking place later in the year.

Three different types of media will be used to drive promotions including public transport, regional radio stations, and targeted magazines. The message that the campaign is aiming to get across is that New Zealand Lamb is an easy to prepare and modern food that should appeal to the 'lifestyle' conscious consumer. As always the New Zealand Lamb Rosette will be prominently displayed on all material.

Meat and Wool New Zealand will continue to conduct regular public relations activities during 2006 as well. These activities will include using a television chef to host a cooking course for journalists, having New Zealand Lamb featured on three television cooking shows throughout the year, providing a regular press and recipe release service to keep the media, daily newspapers, and trade magazines up-to-date with developments, and working with a publication house to develop New Zealand Lamb recipes that will be placed in their magazines.

The overarching aim of the advertising is to push as many consumers as possible towards a new and innovative website designed for the German market: www.leckerlamm.de. The website reflects the most diverse aspects of cooking and includes a high quality recipe e-book that can be emailed to friends.

Visitors can also enter competitions and subscribe to a regular newsletter. In addition, thanks to the high quality reputation NZ Lamb enjoys in Germany among food connoisseurs, M&WNZ has been able to gain what it claims is some excellent leverage off other respected culinary and associated brands on specific activities. The leverage has not only enabled it to achieve greater penetration in its marketing activities but to ensure that New Zealand Lamb extends its reputation with other high quality products.

One example of this is a cooking competition sponsored jointly by M&WNZ and Miele, the quality kitchen appliance manufacturer, which will run in up to 100 cooking schools in Germany. The competitions started in mid-February and will run through to August.