Organic Breakfast Giveaway

Organic pioneer, Graig Farm Organics, is giving away three different organic breakfasts to celebrate Organic Fortnight (Sep 1).

The breakfasts will prizes for the best suggestions of who people would most like to share breakfast with and why.

The three organic breakfasts (all for 4 people) are:

The Traditional - using Graig Farm's award-winning bacon and sausages, this is a real Traditional British Breakfast. Starting with cereal and milk, the bacon and eggs are accompanied by baked beans, tomatoes, and mushrooms. Then a traditional Scottish kipper (not organic, but additive-free), and finally, toast butter and marmalade. Wash it down with Welsh single variety apple juice, and tea.

The Bubbly - a real treat - bottle of organic sparkling wine, smoked salmon, with oatcakes, luxury seeded yoghurt, croissants, butter a selection of jams and marmalade, filter coffee and raspberry fizz.

The Continental - revive holiday memories with our organic muesli, croissants, pain au chocolat, cold meat, chorizo, cheese, and yoghurts, with butter and a selection of organic jams and marmalade. To drink, there's a bottle of delicious Blueberry Sparkle and filter coffee.

There will be 10 runner-up tokens for £10 off an order of Graig Farm produce.

To enter the competition, contestants must visit the Graig Farm website (www.graigfarm.co.uk/breakfast.htm) and say in which book the following appeared: "I was so darned sorry for poor old Corky that I hadn't the heart to touch my breakfast. I told Jeeves to drink it himself."

The tie-breaker is (in 21 words or fewer): Who would you like to share your breakfast with, and why? Entries may be e-mailed to sales@graigfarm.co.uk, with "Breakfast competition" in the subject line, followed by "Traditional", "Bubbly" or "Continental". Closing date 20th September.