Hill lamb secures Sainsbury's listings

A selection of Welsh hill lamb products and cuts is being launched in Sainsbury's as part of its Taste the Difference range from August. The offering follows a successful launch of the products in stores last autumn.

Six products make up the range. Hand cut loin chops, hand cut cutlets and fillet half legs will be in store from August. A further three added-value products will be launched in September.

These include a lamb

boneless shoulder joint with honey

roast parsnip and rosemary

stuffing, lamb rump steaks with a

double Gloucester Cheddar cheese crust topping and lamb fore shanks with a sachet of Cabernet

Sauvignon, mushroom and

bacon sauce. All of the cuts will be processed at Dunbia, Llanybydder, West Wales.

Taste the Difference Welsh Hill lamb is sold in over 300

Sainsbury's stores througout

the UK. The product was launched into the retailer in

October 2005 following extensive work between farmers, processor and retailer. The new range is a seasonal product featuring only the best quality lambs.

Dunbia's Sainsbury's national account manager, Adrian Blyth, said the Welsh hill lamb would follow on in stores from West

Country new season lamb. "We're trying to get the best quality lamb for the season," he said.

The lamb will be produced from traditional family farms that offer good animal husbandry and full traceability.

Former Welsh Chef of the Year Dermot Slade was instrumental in helping to develop the type of products that make up the range.

HCC's Stewart Pope said Welsh hill lamb is reared in some of the most natural environments in Wales and has a reputation for producing a 'sweeter' taste.