Meat Prices to Rise

Meat prices must rise if the UK's livestock industry is to survive, according to a business advisory firm.

Deloitte have warned that a combination of disease, flooding and rising feed prices has pushed the industry to "breaking point".

With producers facing almost 100% price rises in feed costs, consumers must expect a rise in meat price at retail level if production is to remain viable.

"Consumers will hold the key to a more resilient future. UK shoppers will have to pay more for their meat," said Richard Crane, food and agriculture partner at Deloitte.

"Increased prices will allow farmers to continue to meet the increasing demand for local, high quality meat.

"This is likely to be the inevitable cost of securing and also safeguarding the future of UK meat production."

Crane added that the FMD outbreak compounded the impacts of rising production costs for farmers.

"The UK's meat business has suffered a major blow. The meat business came to a complete standstill," he said.

Richard Lowe, MLC chief executive said:

"Deloitte are right to raise the issue of feed prices. The noise being made about the issue is beneficial for farmers because it conditions consumers to expect modest increases in meat prices."

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