Producers need to chip away at rising costs

The British Pig Executive has published two leaflets to help producers alleviate some of the impact of rising feed prices.

"There are things that everyone can do to cut costs further and now is the time to look at how you can improve efficiencies around the farm," said Mark Wilson, director at Pig Industry Development BPEX.

The leaflets "On-Farm Checks" and Increasing Feed Prices describe what action producers can take to incrementally chip away at costs of production such at checking all feed hoppers are working and energy efficiency

Wilson says: "Even if producers decide they want to throw in the towel today and get out of the production they will have around nine months of production in the pipeline. So there is every reason to look at the business on a daily basis."

Wilson warned that both retailers and producers had to take action sooner later. "If Mr Retailer does not take action sooner than later he will have a problem supplying the business he has built selling outdoor locally produced pigs," he said.