Pig Industry publishes guide to avoid 'nightmare scenario'

Outbreaks of disease among pigs across Europe, particularly Classical Swine Fever in Germany, have inspired a new leaflet on the importance of biosecurity for British pig farmers.

The guidance - from the British Pig Executive (BPEX), in conjunction with Defra, the National Pig Association (NPA) and the Pig Veterinary Society (PVS) - is available to all pig farmers and has been designed in order to avoid a 'nightmare scenario', such as the Foot and Mouth outbreak in the UK.

BPEX chief executive Mick Sloyan said: "Everybody has memories of the suffering the industry underwent during the foot and mouth outbreak, and nobody wants to see it again. The leaflet is a simple step-by-step guide to best practice and the precautions which need to be taken."

A one-page disease checklist can be downloaded, filled in and pinned up for all to see. It gives hints, tips and important telephone numbers.

The four key elements included are: keep out all but essential visitors; don't buy in disease - check new stock carefully; clean the unit regularly and thoroughly; and have an emergency action plan ready should the worst happen.

The leaflet can be downloaded from www.bpex.org.uk or www.npa-uk.net or by contacting BPEX on 01908 844368