U want it

Mattesons Smoked Pork Sausage is launching an all-out assault on the Scottish public with a new post-watershed advert designed to appeal to housewives.

The advert, which features rather disturbing close-up shots of a sausage, includes lines such as 'imagine all the things you could do with a sausage' read by a husky-voiced man.

According to Mattesons the advert, called 'U Want It' will "reach 85% of the housewife sector" and coincides with the launch of a new flavour of cooked sausage, Hot and Spicy. It will be trialled in Scotland for six months and if successful, will be shown throughout the UK.

Sarah Power, senior brand manager at Mattesons said: "2006 is a major year for Mattesons with the launch of Fridge Raiders, our new chicken snack, and a total reformulation of our Sliced Cooked Meats range. The new Hot and Spicy addition to our Smoked Pork Sausage range continues this revamp, bringing a new personality to the Cooked Meats category."