Web makes media star of 20st pig


A 20-stone pig and her litter of piglets featured on a webcam have become media stars, attracting thousands of viewers from across the world as a result of an increasingly popular website.

Delores, the Duroc cross-bred sow, who gave birth to her first farrow in March, attracted 21,000 hits after the piglets were born.

Pigcam was first set up so pupils at the college and other nearby schools could watch how Delores was progressing with her first pregnancy. Now Delores and her 14 new piglets can be seen via the camera which is hosted by Saltash Community College.

In a BBC report the college was said to have described the response as "amazing".

Saltash College's deputy head teacher, Dave Garland, said: "She must be the only pig in the world that has got so much IT connected with her." Teachers hoped it would help pupils from year seven through to A-levels gain a better understanding of animals: from teaching everything to do with the composition of an animal; feeding, nutrition and with reproduction.

Garland said: "It's been absolutely phenomenal interest from right across the world."It's been mostly from Europe, but also from the United States, Australia, The Far East, from Canada, the list goes on.

"I think it's the sense of community we've got with the site. She's got her own blog where people can post comments, and is also a star on YouTube."