Scots get their teeth into pork
Published:  07 November, 2006

Pork consumption is up in Scotland, with good sales throughout the past 52 weeks.

Latest data from independent research company TNS shows that Scottish retail sales of fresh pork to 8 October are healthy and growing, up 5% on last year to 10,886t.

The research includes information on the type of people most likely to buy pork. The data revealed the main consumers of fresh pork in Scotland are aged 45 years and over, although there has been strong year-on-year growth of male consumers in the 25-34 age group and female consumers in the 35-44 age group.

Old favourites such as bacon, sausages and sliced cooked meats are also popular among Scots. More than £106m was spent on bacon in retail stores last year, £46m on sausages and £182m on sliced cooked meats. Pork is also performing well in the UK foodservice sector.

Despite this positive news, Scottish consumption of fresh pork is slightly lower than south of the border. Scots eat 45g of pork per person per week compared with 61g per person per week in England. QMS will continue to market pork as a versatile product suitable for many recipes.