Top stores for pork
Published:  13 November, 2006

Budgens, Waitrose, and Marks & Spencer have all been ranked top in Porkwatch's bi-monthly survey of British pork products on sale in British supermarkets.

The Porkwatch survey, conducted by the National Pig Association, provides a summary of British pork being offered by retailers at a time when imported pig meats account for a large proportion of the market.

In the latest survey from September, Budgens came out on top, alongside Waitrose and Marks & Spencer, for selling exclusively British fresh pork in its stores.

All three retailers were also praised for selling higher levels of British ham and bacon than their competitors and for their clean and unambiguous product labelling, allowing consumers to make a clear choice.

Digby Scott, National Pig Association spokesman, said: "Budgens is one of the three retailers in Porkwatch's 'gold standard club'. It is committed to selling only the highest quality pork which it achieves by sourcing only British pork through its exclusive farm-to-shelf quality chain, where every aspect of genetics and nutrition is specified. Budgens demonstrates that it is possible to source to the highest quality and still sell at highly competitive prices."