Premier for Tractor Ted

Somerset farmer David Horler swapped the field for the classroom on 9 November for the world premier of a new film for children about farm life.

'Tractor Ted Visits an Organic Farm' was produced for one to six-year-olds with Horler's business partner Alexandra Heard and The Soil Association.

It is the ninth Tractor Ted cartoon and depicts how food is made and animals are reared on Britain's best farms.

Speedwell Nursery in Bristol was the venue for the premier, which was attended by 30 under-fives as well as the contributing organic farmers and food manufacturers. Graham Keating, managing director of Yeo Valley was there, as was Patrick Holden, director of the Soil Association. Both are featured in the film. Other organic farmers in the film include Alistair Hardwick from Stanton Prior, Eric Coates from Radstock Co-operative Society farm, The Saunders family from Farringdon and Lucy Taylor from Helen Browning's Eastbrook farm.

Patrick Holden said: "We wanted to team up with Tractor Ted to engage with and educate the next generation about real organic farming. Our organisation is expanding its role to encourage more families, teachers and policy makers to realise the importance of sustainable, organic food and farming, for the long-term benefit of us all. This is our introduction to a more fun, interactive way of communicating what is fundamentally important message for us."

Tractor Ted's films have a strong following, with over 200,000 sales to date. True to the style of the previous films, the new film includes catchy songs such as 'Milking the Cows' and 'Weeding the Field' and plenty of mischief, such as the electric fence, which proves quite a shock to the unsuspecting farmer!

Tractor Ted Visits an Organic Farm is on general release priced £10.99 or available from www.tractorland.co.uk