LMC launches website

The Livestock and Meat Commission for Northern Ireland (LMC) has created a website to support local assured meat.

The website www.lovebeefandlamb.com is dedicated soley to Northern Ireland Farm Quality Assured beef and lamb.

In a magazine format, it is part of the LMC's marketing strategy to boost the sales of Northern Ireland Farm Quality Assured beef and lamb and underpins other marketing activity, such as television adverts, poster campaigns and retail sampling activities.

Maria McLaughlin, LMC communications manager said: "The site is really new and refreshing and is completely dedicated to beef and lamb - we at LMC hope this site can help inject some passion, pleasure and culture into cooking beef and lamb across all age ranges.

"Our focus is to raise the profile of Northern Ireland Farm Quality Assured beef and lamb at home and abroad and make consumers more aware of the origin of the food they purchase.

"We at LMC are very aware that consumers play a vital role in supporting the farming industry, which is dependent upon the choices they make.

"This website therefore strives to inform consumers on the benefits of Northern Ireland Farm Quality Assured beef and lamb and to encourage them to think about the choices they make when shopping."

The website also contains all the latest nutritional news, information on the Northern Ireland Farm Quality Assurance Scheme as well as cooking and preparation tips, information to help consumers select the right cut of meat as well as red meat safety and hygiene.

To launch the site LMC will be giving away 25 - 'Northern Ireland Good Food is in Our Nature' recipe books. To enter simply log onto www.lovebeefandlamb.com and answer a simple question: Closing date for entries 28 September 2007.