Polish expat boost

Polish meat producers are reaping the rewards of the growing expatriate community in the UK.

Supplier Polish Specialities said its sales were growing rapidly in the market. "We are supplying around 400 independent retailers and are also selling our products into Bookers," said company director Magda Harvey. The firm is also doing business with Asda, Budgens and Londis, among others.

Sales are being partly fuelled by the growing population of Polish workers in the UK, but also by consumers looking for more traditional products, said Harvey.

"Our manufacturers, take 1kg of meat and make 800g of ham, unlike other EU producers, which take 1kg of meat and make 2kg of ham.

"Our products are not 99% fat free. They are natural sausages, made in the same way they were 100 years ago," she added, pointing to the lack of synthetic materials and preservatives in the products.