Pork Processors' Meat Quality scheme

Keeping costs down is only one half of the pig production equation - if the meat quality is not good enough it won't be popular.

The British Pig Executive (BPEX) made the claim, adding that high and consistent quality was the aim of every producer.

With this in mind, BPEX, together with the meat quality research group at Bristol University is now launching a scheme to help improve the quality of the meat.

The aim is to work on an individual level with pork processors. The scheme is free, though there will be a cost if any analysis or measurements are required.

BPEX knowledge transfer manager, Silvia Nicolau-Solano, said: "Getting top quality consistent pork and pork products is vital for the future of the British pig industry.

"A number of the larger processors have already expressed an interest in the project but it is open to all.

Those interested will have to complete a short questionnaire which will be followed by a visit from a BPEX KT manager and someone from Bristol University to discuss key issues.